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The stainless restoration process was initiated by an inventive New Zealand businessman who developed the process over a number of years. The business has subsequently successfully operated for 16 years with continuing improvements to achieve the highest level of results and service.

Stainless steel can be damaged by:

  • Chemicals or fire
  • Corrosion due to weather, pollution or proximity to the sea
  • Dullness due to age and/or scratching

Any grade or style of stainless steel can be restored, on site, and in place and the restoration prices are extremely cost effective.

Owner/Operator Territories

There will be a limited number of regions available to ensure that each owner/operator has the best opportunity to grow their business to its maximum potential.

Contact us to find out more about your nearest region.

What SHINE IT requires of owner/operators:

  • A motivated attitude and a keenness to be an owner-operator
  • A trade-skilled or hands-on background (plumber, mechanic, panel beater)
  • A suitable vehicle (colour to be approved)
It's easy to buy a SHINE IT region

For further details please contact:

Lee Headland – Director
Ph: +64 21 777109

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